26 April 2017

Tiny Advocacy Network News


#legalizetinyinLA !

How are your efforts in supporting Tiny Houses as Accessory Dwelling Units (backyard housing) going? Share your advocacy story on social media with #legalizetinyinLA !

Remember, there are many ways you can support legalizing tiny houses here in Los Angeles… here’s two ways to help out this week…



1. Call or email your Council member and their staff. Tell them you support Movable Tiny Houses in your neighborhood, and why. Click here for a handy sheet of contact information.



2. Measure your backyard. Help us collect data on the number of yards in LA that could potentially host a Movable Tiny House! Enter in your data here.


Have you seen LATCH Collective’s workshop series?


Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills required to build your own tiny house, and learn from other tiny house enthusiasts who’ve been where you are in your tiny house journey.


April 22nd – Building Tiny on a Budget. Though more affordable than your average home, tiny homes still require financial planning. Reserve your space


April 23rd – Build a bench seat. Learn how build your own bench seat, custom fit for your custom space! Reserve your space here.




A build project complete!


Congratulations to Makes a Village for completing their first Tiny Home! Set for delivery this week, the cute home has been a labor of love for volunteers and project leads involved.

Find out more about how this organization is serving those in need here.



Using New Codes & Language

Up in Oregon, tiny house builder and advocate Andrew Morrison has made a list of IRC code approval process by state, which shows that in in order to have the new tiny house appendix to the 2018 IRC adopted by our local municipalities, the State of California first needs to adopt the code.

Andrew Morrison also mentioned the need for us to shift the language we use in describing tiny homes, and we agree!  From the 4/18Tiny House Build newsletter … 4/18, Andrew says “…it’s important that we not call them “Tiny Houses on Wheels” anymore as that creates problems on the code side of things. It is very important that we start referring to them the way we have defined them in the code: ‘Movable Tiny Houses.’ The nuances of language and word choices are extremely important in the code world. The difference between “tiny house on wheels” and “movable tiny house” is enormous and could mean the difference between acceptance and refusal.”


Write to your Local AND State representatives of the importance of having a tiny house code within the IRC as soon as possible.


ACTION NEEDED: Try calling them Movable Tiny Houses instead of Tiny Houses on Wheels.



Keep humble everyone, and enjoy the ride!