14 July 2017

Tiny Advocacy Network News

July 15

Join the call this Sunday!


It’s time for us to once again unite in our efforts to legalize movable tiny houses as accessory dwelling units! Join us this Sunday at 7:30 pm as Eli Lipmen leads us in a call to action. 

Call  (515) 739-1411  Access code 742590

Note – Some phone companies may charge 1 cent per minute. The call will be 1 hour, so the charge should be no more than 60 cents. You should not have to log into any website to access the call. Email us at tinyadvocacynetwork@gmail.com if you’re having difficulty connecting. 


Interested in tiny house villages?


Don’t miss out on this great event and the chance to connect with others and lay the foundation for community building efforts.  
Tickets required – reserve your space here. 

Did you hear?

The State of Idaho has accepted the Tiny House Appendix of the International Residential Code! Read more about this here.

We’d like to follow suit in California – be sure to join the conference call for more information!

Have something to share?

Use this network to share your events, important dates, or announcements with tiny house advocates across the State of California. Email tinyadvocacynetwork@gmail.com