18 Jan 2018

2017 saw an influx of tiny backyard homes to California!

Graphic by Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Throughout 2017, municipalities across the State began updating their Accessory (ADU) ordinances to comply with recently passed legislation which encourages the development of small homes within backyards. Some Cities, like Los Angeles, are even considering language for Movable Tiny Houses as accepted ADUs.

This recent Curbed article offers a positive outlook on the developments of this past year. Check out the spike in ADU applications in 2017 across California!

Sonoma County reduces fees for ADUs

Sonoma County was hit hard by wildfires late 2017. The County put measures in place to help people access shelter, such as allowing residence in RVs and manufactured housing in areas previously not permitted, as well as recently waiving fees for the development of ADUs under 750 sq feet.

Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

We need more municipalities to take the need for housing seriously – in needs of crisis like during fires, but also during crisis of affordable housing shortages.

Ojai City Council to talk Tiny next week!

After years of sitting on the topic of tiny houses, Ojai City Council is moving forward on their discussion on tiny homes as a legitimate housing option in a town where locals are increasingly displaced by rising rents and property costs. With recent fires destroying so many homes in the area, another housing option is needed more than ever.


Please come out to the meeting and voice your support for tiny houses as a legitimate housing option. City Council will need to be influenced to make changes happen, and your voice/presence can help.

Tuesday, January 23rd – 7 pm
Ojai City Hall
401 S Ventura St
Ojai, CA 93023 United States
Collaborate with Ojai Tiny House Enthusiasts

Support tiny backyard homes in LA County

The County of Los Angeles Planning Commission is meeting to discuss their proposed development standards for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUS) next week:

Wednesday, January 24 9:00 a.m.

320 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

The Staff Report specifically mentions an investigation into the feasibility of tiny homes as ADUs, expressing that “prefabricated homes, modular construction, shipping containers, and manufactured homes are permitted as ADUs” but reports that they are required to be placed on a permanent foundation. Voice your support for increased ease of developing affordable ADUs, including options such as movable tiny houses placed on a permanent foundation system once cited.

Upcoming Events

Join Los Angeles tiny house enthusiasts & LATCH Collective as we learn all about Tiny House Travel with Tiny House Expedition!

Christian and Alexis are super-advocates for the movement and are also the most traveled tiny house on wheels!

More event info here

Looking to be more involved in on-the-ground advocacy, connecting with other housing advocates and tiny house enthusiasts and advocates around the State?

Have events, good news, or a call to action you’d like to share with this network of over 700 tiny house enthusiasts?

Email tinyadvocacynetwork@gmail.com to share your news and/or find out how you can become a tiny house champion in your community and beyond!


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